Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Karma Kicks Kick Crap Karma To The Curb on Studio 5!

Sporting some serious half-beard charm and a relatable hipster-ish pride for the Northlands, The Karma Kicks have seemingly nothing on the horizon but a brightly golden kismet. The Saint Paul berthed trio bear a likable tongue-in-cheek confidence that percolates amidst their folksy blues-rock performance, and immersion within it provokes feeling of both feel-cool melancholy, and the slight paranoia that they just might be making fun of you in their lyrics. The latter may be induced by their smoothly unanticipated transitions amongst styles, such as jungle tom-tom drum work dropping suddenly and painlessly into a milky folk chop, followed by a raspy Detroit-blues kick. Consisting of Andy Arvidson on drums and organ, Andy Vogl and Dave Abbot on guitars and bass, and all three boys behind the mic, The Karma Kicks leave their listeners with a digestible down-to-Earth taste in their mouths, one that many local artists constantly strive for but fall just short of. 

Conspiring in March of 2012, The Karma Kicks released an eponymous debut album later that year, followed by their sophomore effort All Gone Wrong in 2013. Their music is available on their Bandcamp page, link provided below. Catch these cool dudes at a live performance as soon as your girlfriend lets you leave the apartment.

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-Article by Seth Hynes-Marquette

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