Friday, October 24, 2014

The Oddfathers Turn It Up Way Past 11 On "Live From Studio 5!"

This Wednesday’s airing shed even more light on the very young, yet already very revered four-piece “The Oddfathers”, who describe themselves as “new classic rock”. The band is comprised of Brynn Arens on vocals and guitar, Casey Gooby on lead guitar and vocals, Chris Baratto on bass guitar and vocals, and Tom Cook on drums and vocals, all of whom are contributing songwriters. 
Each member is a veteran of the Minneapolis music scene, and they came together only ten months ago to form the self-proclaimed “oldest new rock band”, The Oddfathers. Each member has had their previous share of success: Lead singer Brynn Arens made Flipp a household word and garage band throughout the Twin Cities in the 90’s, drummer Tom Cooke has toured the world with the renowned group The Magnolias, bassist Krys Barrato was stage left for several bands on the Sunset Strip during the 90’s, and lead guitarist Casey Gooby’s own business, Goody Amps, does guitar repair and restoration for several players worldwide. 

Within two days of their very first jam session, the band had written 10 songs, four of which were subsequently recorded at Terrarium Studios in Minneapolis for their debut release, Double Live 45. Due to an impressive live performance and a music video to accompany “Whisper In My Ear” (one of the four songs cut for Double Live 45), the Oddfathers have already gained a loyal following throughout the Twin Cities within their short time together. 

Their name is even beginning to spread beyond the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Arens sent out their cassette (which he glued inside of a tape player) and sent it out to a slew of rock magazines, as well as legendary producers Jack Douglas and Eddie Kramer, both of which made a multitude of enthusiastic comments about the up-and-coming classic rockers. As if that weren’t star-striking enough, a few of the group’s recent live shows included opening for rock-juggernauts Nazareth, Cowboy Mouth, and Night Ranger.

The band will be heading back into the studio with Douglas soon to record songs that will end up on their upcoming debut full-length album. They also have a KISS tribute album in the works, having recently recorded a version of their classic "Let Me Go (Rock & Roll)". 
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-Article by Seth Hynes-Marquette

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