Thursday, October 30, 2014

Chad Erickson and The Untimely On Live From Studio 5!

Live From Studio 5! featured the grungy, alt-rock stylings of Chad Erickson, a Minneapolis-based singer-song writer with a knack for angst rock and tongue-in-cheek mannerisms. Though Chad was not accompanied by The Untimely during this performance, his presence with simply an acoustic guitar and his voice is undeniably powerful, bearing his gravelly, soaring vocals, furious strumming, and relentlessly honest lyrics. A few cuts off of Chad’s debut album with The Untimely, Moments In Motion, provided us with his full-band comparison, which was equally as driving, with a plethora of new hard-rock elements to relish. 

Chad graced the studio crew with his ever-catchy tune “Buy The Ticket”, which was featured last year on the City Pages’ Top Ten, the song’s accompanying video even being featured in an under ground music festival. “Generic Song in G” and “The Spaces in Between” were two more comfortingly sorrowful numbers performed for the studio last night. Chad and his band have been active for nearly two years now, forming in late January of last year. Although Chad mentioned that there is no concrete line-up for the Untimely (stating that he literally invited anyone he knew to come in to the studio and record with him), a few recurring members include David Wichterman on guitar, Cory Duna on keys, Joe Boelke and David Morabito on bass, and Sam Butler and Thom Schonborn on drums. 
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-Article by Seth Hynes-Marquette

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