Sunday, August 3, 2014

Danger Ronnie And The Spins ON Live From Studio 5!

Their Own Spin

By Dewglass

   "Live From Studio 5!" is undergoing a retooling, in case you haven’t noticed. It is a joy during this challenging time to have the amazing talents of Cher Dial and Casey Moo.  I of course can’t leave out the founder and grand Pubah, Doug The Thug.  We still need input, in person and otherwise to help us improve and expand the show.

   On this occasion, wrapping up July, we were treated to the styling of Danger Ronnie & The Spins.  Danger Ronnie is a spiritual institute, a violent being of extreme vision that the band summons when they are killing it.  I did not experience any violence, but the guys were killing it during the show.  Solid grabby melodies and gritty lyrics put the Danger Ronnie spin on things from the start.  The two lead guitars were seamless, and the drummer, used 3 sticks.
   Performing as Danger Ronnie And The Spins were, Tony Schurbon, Marshall Hawks, Matt Matt Molzahn and Adam Paulus.  One thing this group needs is exposure, so please go see 'em live, follow them and share them.  

   Crank up the numbers for the band and “Live From Studio 5!” as well.  I think Danger Ronnie and The Spins are going to grow into a monster, in a good way.

The July Live From Studio 5! Show is a preview of what you will hear on their upcoming album.

Another reason to follow these guys is the album “CARPET” slated to arrive in September or October.  The recordings should be ready in all forms by December, just in time for a cool holiday gift.  Demos of Carpet are available now.

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