Friday, August 8, 2014

The BEST of "Live From Studio 5!"

Due to an unexpected glitch on the 215th edition of “Live From Studio 5!” we had no live band.  The last time this happened we actually found a band, with their instruments, hanging around in the alley between KFAI and the Acadia Café.  They were not prepared but gave it a shot.  One of the bandmembers had burned her legs in a motorcycle mishap and her legs were bandaged but they rallied to the cause and we had a surprisingly good show.  This week we also ended up with a good show but  without a live band.  I told Dew Glass and Georgia Cady to take the night off as well as Wyatt Sarber, the best sound engineer on the planet, even though he had already set up the basics for an expected live performance.
    So, Casey Moo and I dug into my stash of “Previously” segments and plugged my laptop into the board so we could play some of the hundreds of our You Tube videos.  (You couldn’t see them but you could hear them and you can see them later on our You Tube channel.)  We started off with a segment from four years ago, almost to the day:  The music of “Days of Rae”.  I had forgotten how good they sounded.  Listen to them here:   The Flickr pix are here:  After that we played a video by “Venus on Fire” from June 27, 2012 that had been seen by almost SIX THOUSAND viewers, a great performance and you can see it too: .  Flickr pix are here:   And the entire show is on our FOREVER archives here:  After that, it was time for Haley Bonar to entertain us from a show on April 21, 2011. is the all-time champion video of ours with  11,564 total viewings.  Check this one out here:   The Flickr pix are here:  And you can re-live it on the FOREVER archives just by clicking here: