Saturday, July 26, 2014

Dred I Dread Returns To Live From Studio 5!

Yah Mon

By Dewglass

dred_i_dread     There are lots of things to worry about on a live show.
Not the least of which is having to replace the host at the last minute.  Cher Dial was out on a planned break.  Casey Moo had another commitment, but gave us a replacement, Max Nelson.  The Thug was quite apprehensive about just throwing anybody on the air as your replacement but Max came highly-recommended and he turned out to be a top-notch representative of the evening.  And as fate would have it, Nicole Jean Rode beamed in from the outer rim of the galaxy, and got herself a new name, Nicole Jean Rowdy.
dred comp222

     Enter The Mighty Dread I Dread, and the studio was full to capacity.  This seven member group of premier Reggae masters brought a horn section, and stamped the music with some signature guitar effects, making it must hear music.  A little bird told me that Dred I Dread is not getting any air play on KFAI.  So dear readers, please go to KFAI on Facebook, and lobby the station, and your favorite program to play these guys.
Dred I Dread 024

Dred I Dread is: Rawle G, Peewee Dread, Serdar G, Paul Kammeyer, Alex Cole Jr., Todd Baer, and Joe Mayo.

Dred I Dread 028

Dred I Dread 027
Dred I Dread 049This group spans the globe, from Jamaica to Turkey, New Orleans and beyond.
Dred I Dread 050     With influences from punk to funk, this is exciting Reggae packed with surprises.  They hit all the groves, and threw in vocal harmonies that had the whole studio dancing.  Check these guys out, find 'em, fan 'em, go see 'em live, and fill up your digital library with their tunes.
Your support for "Live From Studio 5!" and those who share their music is vital.

Dred I Dread 030Share this blog, and tell everyone you know about the show and Dred I Dread.  I challenge you to give this band a major shot in the arm and make their numbers go crazy.  Tell 'em "Live From Studio 5!" sent you.
Here is the video from “Live From Studio 5!” added to our You Tube Channel featuring The return engagement of Dred I Dread and was originally broadcast on July 23, 2014 and hosted by Nicole Jean “Rowdy” and Max Nelson.
Their first appearance on our show was on October 26, 2011 and it was GREAT to have them back! Here is the video from that show: (No horn section)
The show is normally hosted by Cher Dial, Casey Moo, Dew Glass and Doug The Thug and is heard Wednesday nights from 10 to midnight on KFAI, 90.3 FM Minneapolis and 106.7 St. Paul and on the Internet at
Check out the Flickr pix from that show here:
If you missed that show you can hear it on our FOREVER archives here:
IMPORTANT MESSAGE:  In a few months KFAI will be BROKE, so PLEASE click here ANYTIME to show your support and avert that catastrophe:

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