Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Lone Crows on Live From Studio 5!

The Lone Crows Rock Studio 5 Again!

By Dewglass, with a little help from his friends.

   On "Live From Studio 5!"  the bottom line is the music.  The last time we heard The Lone Crows was February 20th of last year.  Since then the guys invaded Europe, and returned to us with brand new music.  The new album, Dark Clouds is available on CD, and vinyl, as well as your favorite download file.
Lone Crows 051
    On the first performance, there were only three Crows, Julian Manzara was finishing up some educational details.
Lone Crows 047
This time with the full complement, Tim Barbeau on Lead Vocals and Guitar, Julian Manzara, Guitar, Andy Battcher on the Bass and Joe Goff doing the drumming, the Crows filled the studio with their signature sound.
Lone Crows 033
There was some movin' and shakin' going on, so go see 'em live, maybe they would invite you on stage for some rug cutting.
Lone Crows 031
There were a few glitches due to equipment and human error, but the guys did not miss a beat.
Lone Crows 055Lone Crows 038

    Up close and personal, these guys are laid back and personable.
If they know how good they are, they are not letting it go to their heads.
As the Crows grow and continue to explore Blues Rock Lone Crows Style, I can imagine even greater stuff.  I would like to see the Crows and several other groups and artists get together for a super group project.  Maybe about 15 members, a crazy mix of instruments and vocals. And ……
well, maybe some time in the future, but something to think about.  Minnesota, and Minneapolis in particular are highly collaborative places, I can’t help but encourage that.

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This show was originally broadcast on July 9, 2014.
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