Sunday, September 29, 2013

Rare Phorm Returns Or Country vs Urban

Rare Phorm Returns
Or Country vs Urban
RARE PHORM is a phenomenon that returned to"Live From Studio 5!" after a year’s absence and they heated up the studio.
Are they the same group?  Some changes were made to the lineup:
Steve Naples, vocals & guitar, Roger Olds, vocals, bass, Dewey Sundstrom,  drums, percussion and Dave Juilfs, vocals, tambourine and bass.
Out of the Pequot lakes area, near Brainerd, comes a working band, driving at least three hours to appear on the show.
The downside to not being in the city is fewer connections with the Twin Cities music community.
It’s not a bad thing to prefer a smaller area, and it no longer has to be a handicap, thanks to the digital age.
I thought I was the last holdout, every time I think I got things figured out, they change it.  I persevere, because it is so damn useful. So I would encourage any band in need of a boost to ask for suggestions as to who might help.  Minnesota is truly supportive of the arts, and music, one needs to take advantage of that and see where it can take you, for your group and the community as well.
Before the show I think there were a few nerves, but everyone handled it like a trooper.  There were a few technical problems, noisy cables and the like, and our headphones couldn't give them any vocals, so nobody knew how they sounded.
(Hint, hint, how about a fundraiser to upgrade kfai, and "Live From Studio 5!" equipment.  We need at least five bands and a venue, we can fill so we get a good chunk after expenses.)
During the show, it is hard to know how it’s going, as for me all I get is snippets here and there and my focus is on the next thing.  So upon review the next day, I’d say it was a great show.
One thing though, these guys are in need of some TLC, as they are not plugged in to the World Wide Web.  I’m working on that, so give 'em a listen and join their group on Facebook, encourage your favorite venue to have them do a show or two.
The fellas' original stuff was great, even the cover Dirty Deeds was nicely done.  They were loud, of course, that’s what rock bands are, and Steve told me later that he toned it down a bit.  I’ll take his word for it.
I did feel kind of bad after the show, knowing they would have to drive for the next three hours.  Perhaps if we can get them booked into the cities, for a few gigs in a row, some kind musician or studio owner can put them up for the duration.
Check out the show here, for up to two weeks ,scroll down to the Rare Phorm poster and hit listen, and soon they will be available in the forever archive.  (A new feature on "Live From Studio 5!" Doug the Thug is feverishly working on that, but we have over 150 shows to do, as well as the new ones so if any of you want to volunteer to help contact
For now you will have to go to their official fan page for the latest on Rare Phorm here:
Links, pix, competition and much more can be found there.
Find their Flickr picks here
The YouTube performance video can be viewed here
And so my fellow readers, ask not what the band can do for you, ask what you can do for the band.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Daddy Squeeze and Mark Kreitzer

There was a lot going on September 18th at KFAI.
The entire day was dedicated to Celebrating 35 years of KFAI programming.
From midnight to midnight there was special programming, and reminiscing from 1978 on.
There was lots of listener response, so thank you for helping KFAI.  We the volunteers could not do it without you.
On "Live From Studio 5!" we had an outstanding pair who brought us on a journey through time and even to Paris.
Daddy Squeeze aka DAN NEWTON brought his accordion, and a fine one it was, with sparkling keys and even rhinestones.
If Liberace played accordion this is the one he would use.
Daddy Squeeze was backed up by Mark Kreitzer, who shifted seamlessly from mandolin, to fiddle, to banjo and to guitar.
It was amazing, but no, he didn't play them all at the same time, although somehow with Mark, I think it would be possible.
Mark said he had more at home so if you need an amazing musician for your next record, you can hire a whole band, just by having him in studio.
We were treated to Appalachian, folk, and even an excursion into French cafe music.
We did not have any polka on the show, but Daddy Squeeze plays Oktoberfest, so I’m sure you could talk him into showing up at your venue.
Both these fellas also instruct others in various musical pursuits.
Check them out for more details, to get better, or learn something new, I can think of no better people to seek out.
Go to our page for a rebroadcast of the show.
Find pictures on Flickr here
It’s up for two weeks on the playlist, then avail in the archives here:
Their Video is available on YouTube at kfairocks
Visit their websites, Facebook etc. and like 'em, fan 'em, tell 'em "Live From Studio 5!" Sent ya.  Like us on Facebook 
and follow us on twitter
From their bios.
Daddy Squeeze Ethnoclectic Accordion "Daddy Squeeze" has been playing offbeat accordion music since 1987, when he won the Nebraska State Accordion Contest at the Czech Festival in Wilber, Nebraska.  He has used the squeeze box for playing all kinds of music not normally associated with free-reed instruments, as well as standard accordion material.
Daddy Squeeze also enjoys mixing up styles and genres that don't generally seem compatible. "Music out of context", or "Ethno-clectic Bop" is the result of his genre-bending experiments with Celtic, Tex-Mex, Creole, Blues, Jazz, Scandinavian, Polka and pop music.
Mark Kreitzer
Mark has been playing music on stage since almost before there were two Germanys! He has played in Rock, Country, Bluegrass, Folk, Traditional Jazz and Gypsy Jazz bands, as well as being involved in theatrical and classical music. An accomplished performer on more than a handful of instruments, Mark also is a prolific songwriter, recently writing for a musical adaptation of Mark Twain’s "Life On The Mississippi". Although he has played across the country and overseas, his favorite audience is always the one he’s playing for now! And if you’d like to learn how he does it, you can take lessons from him! Mark has been a professional educator since 1988, and currently teaches at Carleton College, as well as leads workshops at festivals and camps around the Upper Midwest. He’s also currently working on a music theory book for folk and bluegrass musicians. Please let Mark know if you have any burning questions!

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Old school, new school, whatever you call it these guys rule.
Sorry for the delay, dear readers, but I had to let you know about these harmonic music makers.
Ruben consists of :
Sam Ziemer - Vocals/Guitar  Dan Schiltz - Vocals/Bass
Catie Larson - Vocals/Percussion  Mack Ziemer - Drums/Vocals
reben event2

Ruben is a rock n' roll band from Stillwater, MN and you can catch them playing all around the Midwest.
Rueben Band2
Their new record, C D or whatever you call it these days is all vinyl, one has grooves and the other doesn’t.
Orchard is the release name, and for a sampling of their music go to
The record will be produced on both versions of vinyl, so if you still have a needle, you will be in hog heaven.
Ruben's sound takes me back to old school fundamental rock, but with a fresh twist all their own.
The sound was made even nicer with their matchless harmony.
I think you can hear the Stones, Bob Dylan, or maybe even Lynard Skynard. just to name a few.
For me, approaching codgerdom, I love a tight band, especially when you can understand the words.
Throw in a great lead guitar, and a passionate drummer, mix in a female vocalist, and you have a winner.
Rock, Blues and Harmony, all smushed together, and I think I'm in love.
For a preview you can check our kfai  Live From Studio 5! Page,  scroll down to play lists, and later check the archives on the right hand side of the page.
Get yourself a digital single online by going to be sure and tell em “Live From Studio 5! sent ya,
Be sure and check out RUBEN'S  "Live From Studio 5!" performance here
Ruben leaves no turn unstoned, to bring you engaging melodies a doo-wop here,  and a woo woo woo there.
Ruben is a fun engaging group, who have their own groove, built on roots even I can understand.
The bottom line is, it's either great music, or it ain't.
So you better go and see them before we lose them to California or New York.
Get out there and support live music, local bands, and “Live From Studio 5!”
We are perpetually looking for dedicated volunteers to assist, and learn every aspect of the show.
Get yourself a backstage pass by volunteering.  We especially need photographers, video editors, social media geeks and writers.
Do a review of your own band, or your favorites.  Become an events reporter, and get an-on air spot, as well as blogs.
C'mon, you know you want to! Contact us via kfai, or message us via Facebook, on the “Live From Studio 5! Page.  
Be sure and like us while you're there.
Or email us at
Check out Ruben.  Fan 'em, like 'em, share 'em with everyone you know.
Oh and tell em “Live from Studio 5! “Sent ya......
Thanks for reading! This item is also avail on

Daddy Squeeze & Dan Kreitzer

Saturday, September 21, 2013


The reluctant blogger has been especially reluctant lately, but not on purpose.
I have been spitting and aching for a month now, so things have been less than productive for me.
I have been dragging myself to the studio, however, the L5 Crew, Doug The Thug and M J have been supportive to make for a fantastic show.
JUNEBUGSpeaking of shows, September 28th brought us Junebug, four Minnesota boys who rocked the house.
Members of the band are Anthony Bergman, Dustin Marks, Tony L. Kollman, and Dillon Marchus
From their bio, here are words that describe them better than I can:
Junebug fuses together the best of all worlds to create a groovy sound that is uniquely their own, drawing on many influences from numerous genres including psychedelic, funk, grunge, classic rock, reggae and even country. With influences like Beck, the Flaming Lips, Ween, Cracker, the Foo Fighters and more, their lyrical hooks, funky rhythms and rock ‘n’ roll licks guarantee good times. They rock, so you don’t have to.
One of their C D releases, Beards, was inspired by an almost dangerous flirtation with facial hair and braiding.
It seems that for a short time they were braided together ???
As the song says, whatever gets you through the night.
These four were the most fun I have had in a while, which makes all the work worthwhile.
Go see e'm live, ad your favorite beverage and prepare to do some dancing.
I truly hope we can get them back on "Live From Studio 5!" for 2014.
You can find these four on Facebook, and Reverbnation.
And see their performance video here
"Live From Studio 5!" needs you for social media, blogging, photography, video, editing, or just stop down and learn about radio, become part of the team, and get a backstage pass for great local music.
By the way, also looking for band members to write for "Live From Studio 5!" blog, do reviews, of their band, or whatever you want to do that will grab our readers.
Want to get your name out there, why not do it in the blogosphere?

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Even the Devil Can Do a Miracle

Just a short time ago we experienced a miracle when we were minus a band for  the show.
Literally plucked from the alley patio between the buildings, Project Make Sound gave an awesome performance.
This last week, the last show for August, we were on track to smoothly end the month.
A text message arrived telling us there was trouble, a SWAT team had surrounded the neighborhood where the band was.
Seems someone was threatening with a gun, and Up Jumped the Devil was right in the middle.
We entered freak-out mode and began to search for alternatives.
As it turned out the SWAT team resolved the situation, although the band had to sneak under police tape.
UPBUCKET2Up Jumped the Devil arrived at the studio unscathed, although a little rattled, managed a great sound.
This trio Provides, as they say, gut bucket blues rock.
The harmonies were great and the sound was bigger than expected, thanks in part to a hollow body guitar.
Up Jumped The Devil consists of Jesse Dennis on Vocals and guitar, Jesse Stubbins played the drums and Liz Harri was on bass  and vocals.
So you see, Dear Readers, devils can do miracles too!
There is still time to hear the performance.  Just click scroll down to the link.
Also check out our You Tube channel for an excellent video of that night here:  KFAI Rocks
You can find them on Facebook and Bandcamp.
Fan 'em, like 'em, and tell 'em "Live From Studio 5!" sent ya.