Sunday, September 22, 2013


Old school, new school, whatever you call it these guys rule.
Sorry for the delay, dear readers, but I had to let you know about these harmonic music makers.
Ruben consists of :
Sam Ziemer - Vocals/Guitar  Dan Schiltz - Vocals/Bass
Catie Larson - Vocals/Percussion  Mack Ziemer - Drums/Vocals
reben event2

Ruben is a rock n' roll band from Stillwater, MN and you can catch them playing all around the Midwest.
Rueben Band2
Their new record, C D or whatever you call it these days is all vinyl, one has grooves and the other doesn’t.
Orchard is the release name, and for a sampling of their music go to
The record will be produced on both versions of vinyl, so if you still have a needle, you will be in hog heaven.
Ruben's sound takes me back to old school fundamental rock, but with a fresh twist all their own.
The sound was made even nicer with their matchless harmony.
I think you can hear the Stones, Bob Dylan, or maybe even Lynard Skynard. just to name a few.
For me, approaching codgerdom, I love a tight band, especially when you can understand the words.
Throw in a great lead guitar, and a passionate drummer, mix in a female vocalist, and you have a winner.
Rock, Blues and Harmony, all smushed together, and I think I'm in love.
For a preview you can check our kfai  Live From Studio 5! Page,  scroll down to play lists, and later check the archives on the right hand side of the page.
Get yourself a digital single online by going to be sure and tell em “Live From Studio 5! sent ya,
Be sure and check out RUBEN'S  "Live From Studio 5!" performance here
Ruben leaves no turn unstoned, to bring you engaging melodies a doo-wop here,  and a woo woo woo there.
Ruben is a fun engaging group, who have their own groove, built on roots even I can understand.
The bottom line is, it's either great music, or it ain't.
So you better go and see them before we lose them to California or New York.
Get out there and support live music, local bands, and “Live From Studio 5!”
We are perpetually looking for dedicated volunteers to assist, and learn every aspect of the show.
Get yourself a backstage pass by volunteering.  We especially need photographers, video editors, social media geeks and writers.
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C'mon, you know you want to! Contact us via kfai, or message us via Facebook, on the “Live From Studio 5! Page.  
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Check out Ruben.  Fan 'em, like 'em, share 'em with everyone you know.
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