Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Even the Devil Can Do a Miracle

Just a short time ago we experienced a miracle when we were minus a band for  the show.
Literally plucked from the alley patio between the buildings, Project Make Sound gave an awesome performance.
This last week, the last show for August, we were on track to smoothly end the month.
A text message arrived telling us there was trouble, a SWAT team had surrounded the neighborhood where the band was.
Seems someone was threatening with a gun, and Up Jumped the Devil was right in the middle.
We entered freak-out mode and began to search for alternatives.
As it turned out the SWAT team resolved the situation, although the band had to sneak under police tape.
UPBUCKET2Up Jumped the Devil arrived at the studio unscathed, although a little rattled, managed a great sound.
This trio Provides, as they say, gut bucket blues rock.
The harmonies were great and the sound was bigger than expected, thanks in part to a hollow body guitar.
Up Jumped The Devil consists of Jesse Dennis on Vocals and guitar, Jesse Stubbins played the drums and Liz Harri was on bass  and vocals.
So you see, Dear Readers, devils can do miracles too!
There is still time to hear the performance.  Just click here:kfai.org/livefromstudio5kfai.org/livefromstudio5 scroll down to the link.
Also check out our You Tube channel for an excellent video of that night here:  KFAI Rocks
You can find them on Facebook and Bandcamp.
Fan 'em, like 'em, and tell 'em "Live From Studio 5!" sent ya.


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