Saturday, September 21, 2013


The reluctant blogger has been especially reluctant lately, but not on purpose.
I have been spitting and aching for a month now, so things have been less than productive for me.
I have been dragging myself to the studio, however, the L5 Crew, Doug The Thug and M J have been supportive to make for a fantastic show.
JUNEBUGSpeaking of shows, September 28th brought us Junebug, four Minnesota boys who rocked the house.
Members of the band are Anthony Bergman, Dustin Marks, Tony L. Kollman, and Dillon Marchus
From their bio, here are words that describe them better than I can:
Junebug fuses together the best of all worlds to create a groovy sound that is uniquely their own, drawing on many influences from numerous genres including psychedelic, funk, grunge, classic rock, reggae and even country. With influences like Beck, the Flaming Lips, Ween, Cracker, the Foo Fighters and more, their lyrical hooks, funky rhythms and rock ‘n’ roll licks guarantee good times. They rock, so you don’t have to.
One of their C D releases, Beards, was inspired by an almost dangerous flirtation with facial hair and braiding.
It seems that for a short time they were braided together ???
As the song says, whatever gets you through the night.
These four were the most fun I have had in a while, which makes all the work worthwhile.
Go see e'm live, ad your favorite beverage and prepare to do some dancing.
I truly hope we can get them back on "Live From Studio 5!" for 2014.
You can find these four on Facebook, and Reverbnation.
And see their performance video here
"Live From Studio 5!" needs you for social media, blogging, photography, video, editing, or just stop down and learn about radio, become part of the team, and get a backstage pass for great local music.
By the way, also looking for band members to write for "Live From Studio 5!" blog, do reviews, of their band, or whatever you want to do that will grab our readers.
Want to get your name out there, why not do it in the blogosphere?

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