Thursday, December 13, 2012

Step Rockets, Blast Off!

Yesterday, the magical day of 12-12-12, the last chance we'll have to write a date like that for the rest of our lives, Studio Five had a visit from the Step Rockets. 

Like the aeronautic innovation for which they are named, they fired us off in multiple stages of rock and roll.

Having only come together as they are this year, the Step Rocket pride themselves with being a unique fusion of decades from the swinging sixties of our parents' generation through the new sounds of the turn of the century. They successfully do this in style, energy and even instrumentation. 

If you missed them last night, you can still hear the program in the archives at the kfai website.

There's already a video up here:

Or, if you want to get out in the world, they're playing a show this very night with Vienna at the 331 Club in North East. Music starts at 9:30 and there's no cover! Make it official by checking them out on Facebook.

~Green Swamp

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