Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Plans?

With New Year's Eve Weekend fast upon us, I'm sure many of you already have plans to celebrate living through the apocalypse, and ring in 2013.

If not, I came across a couple events worth checking out. First is Wookie Foot's Party at the Cabooze, but if you're willing to suit-up, you can sip champagne at the Dakota, and if you want some good old fashioned Pub singing and corsets, I'm doing some self-promotion for MY first local gig with the Bitter Mash Border Morris at Merlin's Rest.

As it may have become apparent, I've been to a Wookie Foot show or two. I became involved last fall selling merch, and have been floating around since then. The people involved are really cool, and the band itself contributes to various charities striving to, "Be the Change." Some organizations include, the Minneapolis based, American Refugee Committee, Vanviang organic farm in Laos, Global Water International and more. With these great causes and unifying message Wookie Foot always draws a fascinating crowd.

The Next one is Davina and the Vagabonds at the Dakota Jazz Club downtown. I've heard so much about Davina and the Vagabonds, but I've never seen them!
And I think the show's sold out. Sorry about that.

Finally, the party of MY attendance, Merlin's Rest.
This fall, I started rehearsing with a group of Folk dancers who perform "Border-Morris" style dances. Unlike the Morris Dancers of the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, adorned in flowy white, with green sashes, bells, and cute little hankies, my Bitter Mash Boys are of a wilder breed. The dancers wear all black, with ash on their faces, and feathers in their hats, and instead of waving harmless cloth, they brashly brandish mighty sticks.

I myself, don a corset and wield mellifluous brass. There will be dancing starting at 7, and then I think we'll be leading some songs too. At 9, I'm taking off for the Har Mar Superstar show at the Triple Rock. My mom won me tickets. I'll let you know all about it. And then, at Midnight, I'll be back at Merlin's for more dancing.

Can't wait.
Happy New Year!

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