Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Musician On A Mission: 100 Videos, 100 Days

David LeDuc, bass player for local indie rockers (and 2010 "Live From Studio 5!" guests) Pictures of Then, has a new project in the works: 100 videos in 100 days.

"It's really just a kick in the pants to myself," LeDuc says. "It's to get myself in a better groove of writing music everyday, or at least learning a new cover."

The focus of the project is mostly musical, though there will be content included from PofT tours, The Less Complex in studio, and other fantastic randomness that LeDuc is known for.

LeDuc starts the clock today. See what unfolds on his YouTube channel, and visit him online at his official website and bandcamp page.

Tune into "Live From Studio 5!" on Wednesdays from 10 PM to Midnight on KFAI radio.

- Erica Rivera

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