Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bon Iver Plays Saturday Night Live

Though technically not "local," many on the Twin Cities scene consider Bon Iver's Eau Claire roots to be close enough to consider him one of our own. With humble Midwestern beginnings, an almost too-cliché-to-be-true "lonely man in a log cabin" recording story, and a dramatic rise to fame that includes multiple magazine cover stories, a collaboration with Kanye West, and four Grammy nominations this year, there's hardly a hipster heart string Justin Vernon hasn't pulled. Vernon doesn't seem to have let celebrity go to his head (yet?) as evidenced by his recent claim that "Rock n' roll should not be decided by people that have that job. Rock n' roll should be the fucking people with guitars around their backs." Far from a sell-out, Vernon may just be indie music's biggest hero.

This video is from his appearance last night on Saturday Night Live.

- Erica Rivera

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