Friday, February 7, 2014

Lazy Panda on "Live From Studio 5!"

By Brian P. Rubin

The five-piece band Lazy Panda lumbered its way into KFAI’s “Live From Studio Five!” this past Wednesday, and played a great set of ‘90s-styled alternative rock. Lazy Panda—consisting of Bryan Peterson on vocals, Dillin O’Dell on Bass, Youssef Rddad and Ray Van Lith on Guitar, and Justin Formico on drums—were joined by the usual cast of characters: Doug the Thug, Dewglass, and Cher Dial.

From the start, Lazy Panda went right for the jugular, playing loud and tight, sounding almost like a cross between punk and rock-a-billy. If “punk-a-billy” wasn’t a genre before, it probably is now. They played songs like “Chasing Cotton,” a boom-bopper named “Too Much for the Room,” “I Got A Year,” the fan-favorite “Inferno Walkin’,” and a brand new tune called “Noose.”

 The band also talked about how they got their name, which Peterson said isn’t a very interesting story. The group used to be called Lazy Parade. Then they changed it: “We knew we wanted to be lazy,” said Peterson, “we just didn’t know about the panda.”

Lazy Panda is playing tonight (Friday) at the Skyway Theater on Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis at 9:30, and you can check them out on Facebook and Reverb Nation for more of their sounds. 

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