Friday, February 21, 2014

Breed on “Live From Studio Five!

By Brian P. Rubin

Just before the Thundersnow storm rocked the Twin Cities, the rock band Breed swung by “Live From Studio Five!” at KFAI and played a great set of heavy, kludgy guitar-rock tunes. Doug the Thug and Dewglass were joined, as ever, by Cher Dial.

Led by the eponymous Raymond Breed on guitar and vocals, the band is primarily a power-trio, rounded out this past Wednesday by Jordan Swanson on bass and Alex Smith, also of the band Mommy Sez No, on the drums.

It’s not hard to spot the influences that shaped the musical sensibilities of Raymond Breed, who used to play and tour with lots of different bands, like Black Flood Diesel, Apocalypse Theater, and All the Pretty Horses. The music of Breed (both the guy and the band) is very reminiscent of groups like Kyuss, Queens of the Stoneage, and even Morphine when joined by saxophone player (and guest in the studio) Fuzzy. The band was also joined on background vocals by Felicia from the band Metal Ships.

Breed played songs like “Up to You,” “When You Run,” “Rest of Me,” and “Wheelhööse” (pronounced “wheel-hoose”). Some of the song the band played are going to be on Breed’s upcoming EP Aim Low, a preview of which can be heard at their Bandcamp site. Mr. Breed also took things down a notch for a few songs, playing and singing solo on the acoustic guitar.

Breed is playing this weekend in Burlington, Iowa with the band Hong Kong Sleepover, a gig on March 15 at Club Underground with Seattle-band Antique Scream, at Foodstock on March 28, and March 29 at Palmers. To keep up with Breed online, check out their Facebook and ReverbNation pages.

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