Saturday, January 4, 2014


As 2013 wound toward the holiday season, it became apparent that we were not going to have a live band for the “Live From Studio 5!” Christmas show.
Enter Doug The Thug to the rescue, after a disastrous year, in which they had to kill him once to reset his heart rhythm, and several months of chemo therapy, that also almost killed him.
Doug dredged deep for stuff from the way back machine.
It kind of seemed like self-aggrandizement, but if it was, no one deserved it more than Doug.
The show was highlighted by equipment glitches, as analog, fought with digital.
All in all it was an interesting show, highlighted by, the Doug The Thug Theme, Doug’s debut of Tepid Tub, and His first record.
It was amazing to me to discover that Doug as a child did believe in Santa.
I must find out if he ever got that electric train.
You can check out the edited version of the show here…
And I managed to paste together a video, for all you Thug fans.

We have suffered some losses this past year (nobody died, thank god}
And even from his sick bed, Doug helped us keep going by remote control.
    MJ Gilmore - 02  Our co host M J Gilmore, has left the building, while we are sad about that, we hope she finds new and exciting vistas to offer her talents too.

After the departure of Producer Clay Kennedy, and photography and video people, it has been a struggle.
We are lobbying hard for dedicated talented volunteers to stabilize and grow the show.
Bring your skills, and help support live music and what we hope to become, the number 1 resource for live music.
And so dear readers, let Doug The Thug know, that you like the show, and appreciate all the hard work he has put into the music community.
Tune in, stream, link and like, help us showcase the entire undiscovered muse that’s out there.
Here are some links you must have to keep up with the show

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