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Demolition Means Progress

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Sometime Everything is in Need of a Little Urban Renewal
Members        BJ Bonin - jangles, shoutin'
Mike McCloskey - booms, yellin'
Grant Martin – bottom
Amy Waller -  electric cello. 
In the past this did not bode well for the poor and the unconnected, however, when you’re talking musical urban renewal, it’s a whole different thing.
These guys did “Live From Studio 5!” like you're supposed to.
Well practiced, tight, smooth and entertaining, I found myself having to restrain the impulse to dance.
Only two problems during the performance,  We had some problems with the vocal mics, and our headphone setup was, shall we say, crap and the show was over before we knew it.  I could have gone on for another hour, but “In Your Ear” would have been upset with us.
The vocals and the music were clear and bright, and as I said, I was hard-pressed to avoid dancing.
One member was unable to attend, and would have made for an amazing sound.
Amy Waller plays electric cello.  It's actually an acoustic cello with a pickup into a bass amp.  She uses guitar and bass effect stomp boxes (distortion, delay, octave) like a guitarist which adds a lot to a song in terms of both sheer sound and lots of vibe.  She also plays with her instrumental band "Not From Here" and has another project going too.
So if you want to fill your hall with a group who is dedicated to bringing a way cool grove, invite 'em to the next big show.
Below is borrowed from their Facebook page:
Demolition Means Progress is a jangly indie rock band based in St. Paul, Minnesota.
Demolition Means Progress is an indie rock band from St. Paul, Minnesota. Having played together in some form or another since 2000 (as The Underthings), BJ Bonin and Mike McCloskey became Demolition Means Progress in late 2011. To help resolve a revolving door lineup (that included members of No Man’s Land, The Persian Leaps, and Red Shadow Chorus),
Their EP "Destroy as Directed" has song topics that range from politics to silly road trips to relationships, each with a different musical theme (punk, Americana, rock). "Destroy as Directed" has been described as REM meets the Pixies, or Billy Bragg meets Sugar. Think Teenage Fanclub with a cellist, or Murder By Death with shoegaze pedals.
“The melodies are memorable and captivating, the songwriting is solid, and the lyrics are warm. If you love alternative or indie rock, or anything with great melody and energy, this is a must-have" --Jamsphere, Nov 11, 2013
Record Label  Go Forth Records, Crony Records
Release Date  Destroy as Directed, October 15, 2013
Check out the music here…
Check out the performance on “Live From Studio 5!” here
And the video here
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