Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Sunny Era's Triumphant Return

I am REALLY excited for tomorrow's LFS5.

Two years ago, I decided to go to a show at the Cedar Cultural Center. To celebrate a CD release for the Poor Nobodys, The Sunny Era and the Brass Messengers came to play. Come to think of it, this may have been my first time seeing ALL of these bands! The Brass Messengers remain among my very favorites, and even after a failed audition I persist in my quest to reach their caliber. The Poor Nobodys continue to stand out in the area as well.

Yet another happenstance occured that evening. In fact, no longer able to keep evesdropping on the concert goers ahead of me, I jumped into their dialogue, only to discover I was speaking to The Thug himself!

Now that we can see the significance of tomorrow's show, let me tell you about what we're going to hear. 

The Sunny Era is a three piece ensemble consisting of Erik and Laila Stainbrook, and Rob Foehl. I've always been blown away with Laila's performances, considering in the course of a show she'll wrench your heart strings as only the sincere tones of the violin, clarinet, accordion and hey why not the keyboard, can. 

And she's just one member of this vastly versatile group!
With their extensive instrumentation, they present a sweeping range of mournful, heartfelt and driving world music with a rooted local flare.

According to their website, their new album travels away from these ethnic roots to a more "rockin" style. Personally, I really dig the gypsy groove they've got going, but I can't wait to hear their next album, "Lost in the Sea of Ghosts" which gets released at the Cedar Cultural Center on November 29th. We should all go check it out, but I also have a hunch we might get to hear some new stuff tomorrow at 10 on Live From Studio Five!


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