Sunday, November 8, 2015

Fairfax, AK Lay It Down In Minneapolis, MN


Fairfax, AK (the band, not the city) laid it down in the studio this week, cutting loose with a thumping folk explosion layered between subtle rock riff-age and a sweetly serenading melodic ease. Singer Pat Dougherty’s delicately towering vocals are only matched in prowess by his august demonstrations on the six-string. Collectively, Dougherty presents a passionate and forcible performance, taking leaps between sincere fragility and cathartic aggression whilst belting his heart out. Kit-hitter Corey Bertelsen provided snappy and super-tight rhythmic works amidst the low drone of cellist Tim Binger and keyboardist Dave Afdahl’s chimerical precision.

    Fairfax, AK’s Americana influence is as genre-encompassing as it is innovative, dabbling in folk, blues, R&B, rock, and more to make one viciously sexy musical amalgam. Case and point, these dudes are worth your time. The foursome’s most recent record, Love Stories & Picture Shows, is a shining example of their dominance. I seriously recommend that you check it out.

Links are provided below to Fairfax, AK’s website and Facebook page (Love Stories & Pictures Shows is available for download via their website):



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