Saturday, October 10, 2015

Reina del Cid Folks Sh*t Up In Studio 5

Folk rock four-piece Reina del Cid sauntered into Studio 5 this week in an ultimately successful effort to sweetly serenade the entire Twin Cities area. Though their stick-wielder Zach Schmidt wasn’t in the studio that night, the temporary-trio still delivered a driving, upbeat folk blast that bore hints of Marcus Mumford and Lucy Michelle's love child. Singer and band namesake Reina del Cid delivered a sweetly soft melodic style over a deceptively lyrical bite. Toni Lindgren’s guitar licks percolated comfortably above and beneath the ever-present thump of Chris Wiberg’s upright bass. Their rhythms slide between laid-back ballad-esque chill and a barrage of syncopated acoustic sucker punches, a willfully deceptive transition between heavenly coddling and strum-savvy jammery.

The group’s 2015 release, The Cooling, was recorded at the legendary Pachyderm Studios of Cannon Falls, Minnesota. The album’s title refers to a concept Cid described in the studio as “missing the light at the end of the tunnel” in the enigmatic moment of death. The cooling itself is the sensation of the heat leaving ones body in this macabre scenario, only before an eternity doomed to wandering and wondering.

Reina del Cid’s next performance will go down at Icehouse in Minneapolis on Friday, October 16th ($8 advance, $10 door, 21+). Check them out. Did you hear that clearly? Cause I’m serious. Check. Them. Out.

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