Thursday, January 15, 2015

Courtney Yasmineh Returns to Studio 5!

Bearing all the desired sweetness and devilish, indomitable performing power a music fan could ask for, ultra alt-rocker Courtney Yasmineh provides a service that most humans, regardless of gender, can only vaguely dream of producing. Backed with a first-class rhythm section and a fairly-mythical upbringing, Courtney has made some serious headway in bringing the notoriously collective term “alternative rock” back into everyone’s face with a serious vengeance. Yasmineh’s sound combines aspects of Hole’s crunchy disparity, No Doubt’s tongue-in-cheekiness, the choppy punk of The Clash, and the sarcastic wit of Sheryl Crow and Alanis Morissette, amongst many others. Although she may remind us of some of our throw-back righteous pleasures, her transitions between soaring, haunting melodies and abrasively rapped verses, dauntingly anxious guitar riffs, and hell-raisin’ jungle drums, Courtney Yasmineh has proven that she is easily capable of weaving her own solitary concoction of sound. 

After leaving her stomping grounds in Chicago for the more secluded serenity of Minnesota’s Great North Woods, a 17-year-old Courtney proceeded to support herself by singing in bars and waitressing while living alone in her grandfather’s hunting cabin, all the while convincing high school officials that her parents were still actually residing with her. Once The Man finally blew her cover, the Iron Hammer of Swift Justice was substituted for a suggestion to attend the Twin Cities’ Macalaster College (where her singing and songwriting would earn her a full scholarship, no less). Courtney obliged, and eventually left with a degree and the world as her precious oyster. 

Since then, Courtney and her loyal band (who now consists of John James on guitar, Kevin Gastonguay on the keys, and Rob Genadek on the drum kit) have performed across the US consistently, released four separate albums, and have even booked 9 different European tours. The band is currently promoting their fifth release thus far, Red Letter Day. 

If you want to check Courtney and her band out as soon as possible, they’ll be playing at the Wine Bar and Cafe in Excelsior, MN, on January 22nd at 8 PM, and Icehouse in Minneapolis on January at 24th, at 8 PM. After that, they’ll be on their way to New York City. Courtney’s albums are also available on iTunes for purchase, including her most recent release, Red Letter Day. 

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-Article by Seth Hynes-Marquette

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