Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Have you seen these  banners?

Studio 5 had these Iconic banners up for every show and even an event or two.  Someone of Ill intent pilfered these banners from us.
If you have any information as to the whereabouts of these items, please contact KFAI,doug@dougthethug.com or Dewglass atdewglassproductions@gmail.com
If these items simply reappear, we will be thankful, and ask no questions.  The posters were created, ordered and paid for by me { Doug The Thug }  on a limited income.  If anyone has an issue with me or L5, this is a grade school response to an adult problem.  So I will probably just have to cough up more money and replace them and move on.  Maybe there's a logical explanation for this but I doubt it.  Please help us solve the mystery of the pilfered banners.

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