Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Live music, by its very nature, is dynamic, surprising, evocative and informative.
"Live From Studio 5!" tries very hard to bring you the local music scene from every angle.
Last week on the show we achieved that in spades with BATTERYBOY,
batteryboy poster copy
a trio who managed to bring along an orchestra who hid within them, emoting a music that slowly crept up and grabbed you.
When a group does the show and makes it a joy, it seems like thanks is not enough.
Who they are is up to you to decide, but here are some clues:
Who is batteryboy? 
Batteryboy began as a solo project by songwriter Cobey Rouse in the fall of 2011. After a 10-year hiatus from music, Rouse was inspired to start writing again after discovering the music of Cloud Cult, opening him up to a whole new passion for musical possibilities. With his acoustic guitar and a unique 3-piece floor drum setup, Rouse was ready to deal with the world around him, and hopefully help others do the same through music. In January, 2012, Rouse released a full length batteryboy album recorded in his basement, entitled "North". In June, he recorded his "Winter's gate" EP at Old Fashioned Records, where he happened to meet Cloud Cult violinist Shannon Frid who worked in the instrument repair store upstairs. Three months later, Frid posted a status update on Facebook stating that she'd like to play more live shows. Rouse reached out and Frid was up for doing a couple shows. A couple months later batteryboy had become a duet and started playing out in the Twin Cities. In January 2013, batteryboy added Eric Carranza to add keys, percussion and an array of other instruments to help fulfill their vision for the undeniably distinctive batteryboy sound. Together, they released their first album and this one is well worth adding to your music library. 
Find 'em, fan 'em, and grab a CD or download the tunes. They can be found easily, on Facebook, Reverbnation, http://www.batteryboymusic.com/ , twitter and almost everywhere. Their performance on "Live From Studio 5!" can still be heard here For links to Flickr pix and You Tube go tohttp://kfai.org/livefromstudio5. Follow the show on twitter And on Facebook If you like what you find, let us know, and let the new group you discovered, know who sent ya.185146_3259221419632_126350591_nX150We are an all-volunteer crew on "Live From Studio 5!" and are always looking for new talent to help us continue to bring you great music. We have been without a blogger for some time and would like to expand into music reporting and interviews. If you currently write and would like to expand your reach, we want to talk to you. Send an email to kfairocks@gmail.com, or message us on facebook, or stop down any Wednesday night at the Cedar Riverside studios. Above all, support live music, KFAI, and "Live From studio 5!"  We know you're out there, we can hear you breathing. Your faithful servant,

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