Thursday, May 10, 2012

Local Photogs Launch "Live Letters" Site

Shutterbugs Sara Montour and Jenn Barnett announced the launch of Live Letters, an online portfolio of their concert photography, today.

"LIVE LETTERS is here to document the amazing live music that’s happening in this lovely city, and occasionally elsewhere. As a photographer the art of creating compelling images is as important to me as solely documenting the show, so I’m more than excited to be able to showcase some incredible photographers, videographers, and audio magicians from all around, including the wonderful Jenn Barnett who has jumped on board with full force and is going to be an incredible part of this entire LIVE LETTERS project," Montour says on the home page of the site.

BNLX at Amsterdam Bar & Hall by Jenn Barnett

A calendar of upcoming shows is also featured on the site and it is packed with must-see musicians, in multiple music venues throughout the Twin Cities.  Aural and eye candy?!  Here we come!

Tune into "Live From Studio 5!" every Wednesday from 10 PM to Midnight on KFAI radio for more happenings on the local scene!

- Erica Rivera

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