Monday, April 30, 2012

Earworm Of The Week: David LeDuc

David LeDuc (of Pictures of Then and The Less Complex) released the video for his new track "Amends" last night. This project was collaborative, calling on the talents of seven musicians worldwide in addition to LeDuc, who penned the tune. Paul Haataja (of the Twin Cities rock band Far From Falling and Fuzzy Fotography) directed the video.

"The track was recorded piece by piece and each contributor wrote and recorded their part in separate studios from around the globe," LeDuc explained in his press release. LeDuc then collected the contributions via the Internet and arranged and mixed the final track in Minneapolis.

Musicians featured on the track are Ein Astronaut (Germany, drums), Laurena Segura (Quebec, vocals), J.B. Dazen (The Netherlands, bass), Arno Ceres (France, MIDI Sounds), Raven Zoë (Oregon, vocals), Bob Clagett (Georgia, guitars) and Mykl Westbrooks (Minneapolis, guitars).

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- Erica Rivera

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