Friday, January 27, 2012

Behind The Scenesters: Scott Herold

Scott Herold is the CEO and founder of Rock The Cause, a 501c3 organization that raises awareness about local charities and encourages volunteerism through music.

Herold isn't hard to spot on the Twin Cities music scene; you'll either recognize him from his black-and-white RTC t-shirt, cow print hat, or generous smile. Via his Facebook page, Herold says, "Did I ever tell you how much I enjoy being a Gen Xer? I so fit the bill. I do not like authority. I am stuck in the middle of all these aging hippies and up an coming millenials who both think Xers do not listen, need to grow up, and may be deranged. The thought of being in one company until I die horrifies me unless its my own. I own every Psychedelic Furs record on vinyl. Some where deep inside is a Billy Idol yearning to be free."

All year long, RTC hosts a multitude of events, including Glitter Ball and Phantasmagoria, that are both fun for party-goers and benefit non-profits. Herold also brings RTC to schools and colleges to engage the next generation of philanthropists. RTC recently released their first compilation CD, Minnesota Remember Vic Chesnutt, which is going on the road to SXSW this year. RTC's next event, Rock For Socks II, takes place on Feb. 17 at the Amsterdam Bar & Hall in St. Paul and features Pictures of Then, who were guests on "Live From Studio 5!" in 2010.

Tune into "Live From Studio 5!" on Wednesdays from 10 PM to Midnight on KFAI radio.

- Erica Rivera

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