Wednesday, July 18, 2012

On Deck: Sleep Study

Our in-studio guest tonight is Sleep Study.

Per the band’s bio:

In under a year, Minneapolis rock quartet Sleep Study has caught the attention of audiences and critics whenever they’ve stepped on stage. A promo video for their song “Flower Girl” amassed 50,000+ views on youtube in less than two months. And despite not having yet released a record, they were invited to play an official showcase as well as several unofficial showcases at the prestigious SXSW music festival.

Collectively, the members of Sleep Study have shared stages and played on recordings with Al Kooper, Kid Dakota, Jeremy Messersmith, Owl City’s Breanne Düren, Mayda, Bella Ruse, The Honeydogs, Minor Kingdom, Rogue Valley, and more.

Sleep Study is a natural cooperative of strengths from all members, combining Ryan Plewacki’s (vocals/guitar) brand of Brit flavored rock with Justin Hartke’s (bass/vocals) jazz upbringing and Cory Eischen’s (keys) lengthy pop background. The calculated drumming of Alexander Young solidifies their retro sound.

Sleep Study’s unapologetic dedication to their modern take on a 70’s pop sound has snagged an impressive amount of interest while the band attempted to fly below the radar to construct their debut record.

The fresh, young band has performed at premier venues and events throughout the Twin Cities, contributed to compilation albums with Minneapolis’ finest and established musicians, and completed their debut record with the help of The Honeydogs frontman, Adam Levy.

Nothing Can Destroy, the ten song debut full-length, can be expected to be released in early summer of 2012.

Tune into "Live From Studio 5!" tonight from 10 PM to Midnight on KFAI radio (90.3 FM in Minneapolis and 106.7 in St. Paul) to hear Sleep Study's session!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Earworm Of The Week: Daughter

Granted, Daughter is not a local act. Nor is it new music, but I recently discovered the bare bones, three-piece band and I can’t stop hitting “repeat.” Daughter is the brainchild of singer-songwriter Elena Tonra. Along with her guitarist boyfriend Igor Haefeli, and drummer Remi Aguilella, Tonra creates a moody mix of bedroom folk, indie rock, and techno pop that is both emotionally evocative and aurally addictive (not unlike infatuation itself). The band has released two EPs (His Young Heart and Wild Youth), and is working on its debut album. As for live shows, unless you have a trip planned to England, Germany, or Iceland, you won’t be able to catch this intoxicating trio in concert anytime soon. ‘Til then, this tune, “In The Shallows,” will have to tide you over.

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- Erica Rivera

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hot Summer Concert Announcements

Here are two upcoming shows that promise to be hotter than a Twin Cities' efficiency apartment this month:

Photo by Darin Back

In the second installment of the new, intimate concert series Live Letters: An Evening With Friends, Chris Koza of Rogue Valley will put together a top-secret (but certainly spectacular) line-up of acoustic acts. The show will once again take place in a private loft (hopefully one with AC?) on Thursday, July 12, at 7 PM. Tickets can be purchased here.

For those craving Americana tunes, check out These United States at the 7th Street Entry on Saturday, July 21!

Photo by Todd Roeth

You can find our Q&A with TUS frontman Jesse Elliot here. Tickets for this show are available via eTix.

Beat the heat with aural distraction, ice, and plenty of alcohol!

Tune into "Live From Studio 5!" every Wednesday from 10 PM to Midnight on KFAI radio for more concert announcements!

- Erica Rivera