Sunday, October 27, 2013

Patches & Gretchen CD Release Party

Saturday October 26, 2013 - Even Break Gallery

Patches & Gretchen Throw a CD Release Bash

     Patches And Gretchen celebrated the release of their latest CD; “Who The Hell is Richard Manuel” at the Even Break Gallery in South Minneapolis last night and a great time was had by all.    Although my life flashed before me as I was s-l-o-w-l-y inching my way up the front stairs, once I made it, everything was fine. 
     Now this blog will not be a review of the music since I was higher than a giraffe’s ASS and with ear plugs and all the meeting, greeting and camaraderie, I couldn’t focus solely on the band but they were grooving and everyone was enjoying it.  You could tell that a lot of work went into making this evening an enjoyable experience.  Good food, good wine, good music.  Barry Thomas Goldberg attended and sang a couple of cover songs with the band and then Arnie Fogel joined him for a couple more.  I know there were probably a lot of other people in attendance that I knew but honestly I was in a very pleasant fog.  This used to be at least a weekly occurrence for me but due to crappy health it’s now a rare event and I pick them very carefully.  The clincher came when I got a personal invitation from Gretchen herself, how can I pass that up? 
     Patches & Gretchen performed on “Live From Studio 5!” last Wednesday and you can listen to that show from anywhere on the planet just by clicking here: 
Flickr pix of that show can be seen here: L5 Flickr
Here are some videos of that performance on our You Tube Channel:
Here are some pix of the event…..
Thank God after it was over, it was much easier going DOWN those stairs!
Costumes were encouraged.

Barry Thomas Goldberg and his date.

My date.

Barry singing to Gretchen

Arnie Fogel joined Barry for a couple numbers.

Barry and The Thug.  Wearing my H3K T-Shirt.


The Thug with Arnie Fogel.  Leather was the theme for us COOL guys!
By the way, this is my ghost writer and her daughter....

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Woodshop in the house

-- Woodshop in the house
The reluctant blogger is falling behind again.
"Live From Studio 5!" is experiencing a personnel crisis, and this writer, is having to wear too many hats, so if you are interested in helping out, learning new things and stretching your talents, please let us know. We need everyone, from social media people, music reporters, photographers, videographers, editors, sound promo editors, etc.  If you know PhotoShop or ProTools, that would be a plus but you have to be committed to help make this resource even better.
And now for the reason why we are here:  WOODSHOP Is In The House!
Woodshop is possibly one of the most fun, and versatile groups the show has had in a while.  Members include Eric Schwarz who sings, plays harp, washboard, and of course...the kazoo, Jeff Schwarz who also sings, whistles and plays guitar, Pat Vanderkolk who plays the bass, and Mike Lynch sings and plays drums.  The guys were at ease with nearly every genre, from folk to rock, to blues, and beyond,  Some amazing guitar work was supplied by an  electrified acoustic Martin, that made sounds I did not know were possible.  Add great vocals, and some fine harp, and you've got Woodshop, no safety, glasses needed.
There was no sawdust in the real sense, but in my mind’s eye musical sawdust was flying in the studio.  If you need a really fun band that can accommodate almost any event, you've got to grab these guys.
You can still catch the show on and soon on the forever archives.
And the performance video on kfairocks, here.
Find Woodshop on Facebook, , and like them, fan them, and tell 'em "Live From Studio 5!" sent you.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Warsaw Cipher

By Charlie Milkey
            What do you get when you take some of the best artists in the Twin Cities and lock them in a room filled with music gear? You get a band called Radar Secret Service. Yes, the band originally came together as Radar Secret Service until they grew big enough for a Midwestern punkrock band of the same name to take notice and try to take the name back. While most bands would hide in terror at the consideration of changing their name after all the work they put in, the band now known as Warsaw Cipher feared not. The horse they were switching midstream was already at a gallop.
            The members of Warsaw Cipher have a strong resume following them: Dylan, on bass, plays in the St. Paul Civic Orchestra on his time away, and synth/vocalist Ivy spends her days with the Dim Media Group. Karen, on vocals/synth creates brilliant comics and Brandon is an incredible sculpture and 3D artist.  This prolific crew comes together to create some of the best synthpop in the Twin Cities.
            The band’s signature twin vocal attack led by Karen and Ivy are a study in perfect harmony while they sculpt a smooth sonic atmosphere with their synthesizers. Dylan adds some low end punch to the synth bass, generating a low rumble that perfectly complements the synth-drenched soundscape. Brandon, a whiz on drums, pounds out a driving beat to keep your feet moving.
            The band can be found playing all over the twin cities, playing most recently at the Driftwood in South Minneapolis, and Wild Tymes in St. Paul before that. You can catch them on October 20th at the Kitty Cat Klub playing a show in celebration of Arthur Rimbaud's 159th birthday. They will be joined by Minneapolis piano-rock band 3 Nuns and a Gun, as well as Casey McKee’s newest project, Circular Mercury. The show promises keep your body swaying and your mind at ease.

Check out their soundcloud to check them out. Suggested listening is Push, synth lust, hipster trash, paris in love. My personal recommendations are Debonair and Invisible.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Here is another show added to our "Live From Studio 5!" FOREVER archives.   This show features the music of Organasm which was originally broadcast on January 30, 2013.  This is the show where the band hauled a Hammond B3 Organ along with its Leslie speaker up to the third floor of the Bailey Building.  (They also used it to serve pizza!)  It was a GREAT performance.
The videos shot from that show are on our You Tube Channel here:
If you missed the show you can hear it now on our FOREVER archives here:

The FOREVER Archives Project

Love Out Loud

Every day I keep plugging away at adding our shows to the FOREVER archives so you'll never have an excuse for missing ANY one.  Here is another one added to our "Live From Studio 5!" FOREVER archives.   This show features the music Love Out Loud which was originally broadcast on February 6, 2013.  39 Down and 133 to go....AAAARRRRGGGHHH!!
The videos shot from that show are on our You Tube Channel here:
If you missed the show you can hear it now on our FOREVER archives here:

Monday, October 14, 2013

Now Is Your Chance to Show Your Stuff!

……….Attention All Volunteers……….

“Live From Studio 5!” needs people!  We have lost our photographer and two videographers and soon one of our co-hosts.  It would be helpful if someone with equipment and the time could supplement our overtaxed fearless leader Doug The Thug with video editing.  Getting a full-time blogger for the show has been like pulling teeth with a rusty pliers.  We need a writer who would like to produce a weekly blog and/or possibly later direct and coordinate a Music News Department within the Studio 5 program.  On-air reporting is a possibility.  We also need a Social Media Coordinator/Editor or any combination that fits your talent.  (Any suggestions?)  We also desperately need someone to help with the recording and dubbing of L5 promos and band promos that air during the show.  Knowledge of ProTools is required.  So if you love live music, and can help us fill the gaps and create a better show than ever, please contact either Dewglass at  or
It's actually quite urgent since MJ Gilmore will be gone for a couple of months and possibly forever.  So if you are a female and have any interest being a part of this exciting show with Doug, contact him and we'll give you an actual ON-AIR AUDITION. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Live Music Pours

Take Rain, Lightning, and Live Music and You Get


   First a little preamble:  Wednesday October 2nd was a rough day for me.  Filled with modern medicine I was making my way to the studio, working through a raging case of bronchitis. Just as I got on the bus, it, started to rain, so I’m thinking, that’s all I need, I get wet, I get sicker.  Luck was with me though, as I walked the two blocks to the studios, it was just a sprinkle.
   When Doug the Thug arrived he had left his top down earlier and got his car drenched, not to mention driving through lighting.  I don’t know if it was Karma or what, but the good stuff was with us.
   Pour was formed by five friends who share an interest for playing music in front of loving and dancing crowds. The band blends elements of funk, rock, and blues to create their own unique sound. Before they formed Pour, the members were all in another band, but constant lineup changes forced the five to move on to create Pour. With new songs in the works and number of originals already written, Pour looks forward to ripping up a stage near you.
  Then out of a stormy Midwestern night cane the Band POUR, whose members are, Jon Sullivan on vocals, Jake Berry on guitar, Derek Strand on bass, John Berry on drums and Max Eichhorst on guitar and vocals.  My first thought was that these guys are pretty good, but it is hard to judge when your focus is on other things.  I called them dueling guitars, because there were two leads that played nicely off one another. They have a strong bass and a powerful drummer, who was grooving it with his eyes closed.  The lead vocalist was hitting it, I did not find out how well till later when I had a chance to listen to our show on archives.
    He was also fighting a cold, which is scary for vocalists, because it can damage the instrument.  But as I said he was hitting it, I still think they need backup singers, {girls} but then I always say that.  Give these guys a listen and I think you might be hooked.  They are good now with room to grow.  Better see them now before the rest of the world discovers them.
You can find them on Facebook
To listen to a rebroadcast of the show, go to: and scroll down the page for the player.
Pictures of the show are available on
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Added Bonus, here's the video.